We have been getting a few calls from people around the valley regarding adult mosquitoes.  We had some warm weather which encouraged some hatching and more recently we've had hard freezes which should have knocked a few down.  I have noted below the necessary conditions required in order for us to ground fog for adult mosquitoes.  We are continuing our surveillance and treatment of mosquito larvae and when we can meet the necessary conditions, we can fog.  Also, part of our protocol is to trap in the areas that are being bothered to get a count of mosquitoes and the species.  As a reminder, since we have gotten some moisture recently, check your property and drain any standing water.  Also, change livestock and pet drinking water every 5 days.

Necessary Fogging Conditions

The optimum temperature for fogging is above 54 degrees. We cannot fog if the temperature is below 54 because the product does not work and the mosquitoes are not as active. We can only fog if the wind speed is below eight miles per hour. We usually fog in the early morning or late evening because that is when mosquitoes are typically flying.   The temperature at those times must be above 54 degrees, and minimal breezes. 

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Notice of the DCMAD Board of Directors Meeting, May 18, 2022
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Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District Boundaries

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