We have been getting a few calls from people around the valley regarding adult mosquitoes. "Please spray for mosquitos, they are out in force in the evening" DOES NOT HELP US. If you are experiencing a lot of mosquitos and need to report to us, we need to have your address and a way to contact you.   Noted below are the necessary conditions required in order for us to ground fog for adult mosquitoes. 

We also will set mosquito traps in the area to see the counts of mosquitos and the species of mosquitos.  We have set a quanity of 25 mosquitos per trap in order to meet our requirements for ground fogging.  We have federal requirements we must follow and NPDES mandates.  Please remember the best way to help yourselves in the dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most prevalent is to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts and wear mosquito repellants.  We have information on some effective products in the "Owner Responsibilities" and the "West Nile Virus" sections from the above menu.

Necessary Fogging Conditions

The optimum temperature for fogging is above 54 degrees. We cannot fog if the temperature is below 54 because the product does not work and the mosquitoes are not as active. We can only fog if the wind speed is below eight miles per hour. We usually fog in the early morning or late evening because that is when mosquitoes are typically flying.   The temperature at those times must be above 54 degrees, and minimal breezes. 

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Notice of the DCMAD Board of Directors Meeting, May 18, 2022
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Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District Boundaries

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