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We are aware that we have had several hatches of mosquitoes across our area.  We are addressing it the best we can with the vehicles and technicians that we employ.  We will be fogging in the evenings and early mornings as much as possible.  Make sure you are protected with proper clothing and repellents.  We strongly recommend that you use a barrier spray on all lawns and vegetation.  See the "Owner Responsibilities"  above for more information.  Our adulticiding products only kill what adults are flying at the time we fog.  If the mosquitoes are hiding in the grasses and vegetation, our product won't reach them, that's why we recommend the barrier spray.  Thank you for your patience.

This is a picture of an area of water that is about 12" by 12".  The little black bugs in the water are mosquito pupae.  They are the last stage before they will hatch into flying mosquitoes.  This will take only one day.  As you can see, there are hundreds of pupae.  This is why we encourage everyone to dump any standing water.  Not only will adult mosquitoes hide in our grasses and shrubbery, but they will also breed in a very small amount of water.

As a reminder:  When we Adulticide (ground fogging with our trucks) in the evening, it will be anytime after 9:00 PM.  Morning fogging will be done as temperatures permit up to 9:00 AM.

Trapping mosquitoes is an integral part of mosquito abatement.  It gives us an idea of how many and what kind of mosquitoes are in a particular area.  As the temperatures warm, we send the collections in to the Nevada Department of Agriculture for testing.  They test for West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis and St Louis.